Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Library Closure Week of November 15th

Westbury Library will be closed for some or all of the week beginning Monday November 15th

This is to enable changes to be made to the door mechanisms, needed to make them compatible with the new terminals which have been installed during the closure. Once this is completed, it should be possible to restart Extended Access...

Friday, August 14, 2020

Libraries Reopened

The Libraries are now open!

Yes, the libraries have reopened and returned to their normal opening hours!

Westbury library is now open form 2pm to 7pm on Mondays and from 11am to 4pm on Tuesdays to Saturdays.

You are requested to wear a face mask while in the building but, other than that, everything is back to normal - you can browse to your heart's content, sit at the tables for a read, use the computers, talk to the library staff...

Extended Access has not been reinstated as yet, due to the need for some changes to be made to the technology, but we hope that you will call in and make the library staff feel valued...

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Community Garden Latest

Westbury Library Community Garden

Update - October 2021
Well, the tomatoes are now finished, some leeks are planted, to be joined by onions and garlic later in the month, and the second half of the plot needs digging over and stones removing before being replanted with broad beans.
The first working party took place on Saturday, October 23rd, starting at 9:00am - these gardeners are early risers! - and more are planned for the Saturdays in November, provided the rain holds off...
If you would like to join us, just turn up at the Library - spades etc can be provided, but please wear old shoes which can cope with a bit/lot  of mud on them! If you would like to join the group, please email Alex Dunn at dunnja@gmail.com

Click here for a diary about our Library Community Garden

Friday, February 14, 2020

Friends of Westbury Library

Friends of Westbury Library

To enable us to develop community activities within the Library, it was agreed that we would transform into a "Friends" group, with a constitution and a bank account.

A copy of the constitution was circulated to everyone on our mailing list, and it is also posted on this website. An interim Committee has been set up and the intention is to hold an Annual General Meeting in the Library at some point in the Winter 2021 / Spring 2022, when circumstances allow...

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Library Strategy Document

Library Strategy Document

The Library Service has produced  a document, outlining their proposals for the next five years, which has been presented to Cabinet and accepted. A copy of the document can be viewed here.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Coffee Mornings

Coffee Mornings

Our Coffee Mornings were normally on the third Saturday
of each month but, for obvious reasons, will not be happening 
for a while.

When we do manage to restart (and we will!), 
please come and join us for a (free) hot or cold drink 
and a piece of cake or couple of biscuits.

Find out more about the services available and tell us what more you would like from your library...

It's your library - please use it or we may lose it...

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Extended Access

Extended Access is Returning!
Extended Access has not yet been reinstated, as the booking terminals were updated during lockdown and changes have to be made to the door control system to make it compatible. This work is due to take placing during the week beginning November 15th and hopefully Extended Access will return thereafter.

If you are registered for Extended Access you will then be able to use the library on Sunday afternoons from 1pm to 5pm, as well as at any time from 8am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday...

If you are a library member and over 16, it only takes a few minutes to register at the front desk - all you need is your library card...
Click here for more details.

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