Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Library Closures

Library Closures

In response to the current situation regarding the Corona virus, all Bristol Libraries will be closed as from this Thursday, March 19th until at least the beginning of May. Extended Access is also suspended. There is no need to renew or return books and you should ignore any reminders if you receive them. Unfortunately, and books which you have reserved will also be unavailable until the libraries reopen.

If you or your children are interested in developing their programming skills, I will be building up a series of projects linked to Code Club activities which would normally be delivered through schools or libraries. You can find out more on our "Scratch Programming" page...

Friday, February 14, 2020

Friends of Westbury Library

Friends of Westbury Library

To enable us to develop community activities within the Library, it has been agreed that we would transform into a "Friends" group, with a constitution and a bank account.

A copy of the constitution has been circulated to everyone on our mailing list, and it is also posted on this website. An interim Committee has been set up and the intention is to hold an Annual General Meeting later in the year, hopefully within the Library building...

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Library Strategy Document

Library Strategy Document

The Library Service has produced  a document, outlining their proposals for the next five years, which has been presented to Cabinet and accepted. A copy of the document can be viewed here.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Community Garden

Westbury Library Community Garden

The first phase of the Community garden was completed at the beginning of December. The volunteers have planted over-wintering broad beans, which will crop in June, enabling a subsequent planting of summer vegetables, such as runner beans, tomatoes, courgettes...

Update - January 2020
Our garden is celebrating the New Year with the appearance of a full set of bean shoots! They will soon need staking to protect them from the wind, but at least they won't need watering for a while!

For more details, and an opportunity to join the group for the next phase, please click HERE

Monday, November 4, 2019

Coffee Mornings

Coffee Mornings

Our Coffee Mornings are normally on the third Saturday
of each month, and the next one will be on
February 15th from 11:15am to 1:30pm.

Come and join us for a (free) hot or cold drink and
a piece of cake or couple of biscuits.

Find out more about the services available and tell us what more you would like from your library...

It's your library - please use it or we may lose it...

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Extended Access

Westbury Library is now open on Sundays!

If you are registered for Extended Access you can now use the library on Sunday afternoons from 1pm to 5pm, as well as at any time from 8am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday... 
If you are a library member and over 16, it only takes a few minutes to register at the front desk - all you need is your library card... 
Click here for more details.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Libraries West

Libraries West
Do you know what you can access from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer? Bristol subscribes to Libraries West, which means you have FREE access to a wide range or resources... We will explain these in more detail over the coming weeks...

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