Library Community Centre

Westbury Library as a Community Resource

Over the last few months, several changes have been made to the furniture at the library, to enable it to be moved around easily. Funding was also obtained to purchase a number of folding chairs, which are kept in an outside store. This means that the library is now able to be used for events for up to 50 people...

Any community group can apply to hold their meetings in the the library, provided that...
The meeting starts at or after 7:30 pm (because of Extended Access)
The event is non-commercial (ie any charges for attendance will be to cover costs or to support a charity, etc...)
The organiser completes and submits a risk assessment form
The organisation has Public Liability Insurance
A member of the organisation has been shown the procedures for opening and closing the building.

People at the meeting can have access to the small kitchen to make drinks and organise refreshments and also to the two toilets
Also, for the present at least, there will be NO CHARGE for the use of the building...

The Westbury Library Group want to support any group who would like to make use of the Library and so we are willing to take on responsibility for opening and closing the building and attending the meeting to provide the required insurance cover - provided, of course, that one of us is available on the relevant day(s)...

If you are interested in this possibility, please contact us on to discuss the matter further.

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