Innovation Fund

Library Innovation Fund

The Library service had £108K set aside for dealing with the changes which were expected to take place following the 2017 consultation (which, you may recall, expected the closure of 17 libraries). As no changes subsequently took place, the service then offered £4,000 per library, to be spent by December 2020. This was then split into two funding streams:

Funding for libraries Friends Groups
Libraries Friends Groups can apply for up to £1000 to help to:
• set up and run the group
• pay for ideas for improving the library service
Applications were to be made by 5pm on the last day of each month, up to 30 September 2020. 

Funding for organisations
Who could apply for up to £3000 per library to improve:
• how libraries and communities work together
• library buildings
• how library services are run
Applications were to be made by 13 December 2019 and successful applicants would be notified by mid January 2020.

With the arrival of Covid-19, all aspects of the scheme have been substantially delayed and it was then set to run until July 2022.

The £1000 stream was used to purchase items for the Community Garden (2 water butts, some paving slabs, 2 banners) to purchase insurance for meetings and to provide catering for past and future Coffee Mornings.

The Library Group also bid for funding from the £3000 stream to purchase 24 foldable chairs, together with a secure outside store in which they could be stored. After initially being rejected, the bid was accepted on its second presentation and we received and set up the store and subsequently purchased the chairs and cushions. The intention was that the additional seating, together with the changes which had already been made to the library furniture, would enable the library building to be used for community activities such as talks, concerts, etc. The first of these events was the first AGM of the Library Group, and we also use them for our monthly Coffee Mornings, so you can come along and see what we spent the money on!

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