Scratch Programming

Scratch Programming

Scratch is a computer language targeted at children and adults who want to learn how to program a computer. It is used in Code Clubs which are run all over the country, particularly in schools and libraries. I have been helping to run one of these clubs at Southmead library and, with the temporary closure of the libraries, I felt it might be useful to make the materials available here for others to use to while away the hours...

I hope to be adding to these notes regularly over the next few weeks, as ideas come to me... Please feel free to copy the materials, use them and share them with others. All the projects should work, as I will have tried them before putting them on the site, but please let me know if you have any problems...

Scratch is available online at

The first link in each pair is to the notes which should help you to write and test the program; where there is a second link, this will take you to the program on the Scratch website, where you can run it and also look at the code by clicking on "Look Inside"

Before you start any projects, I recommend you sign up, as that will enable you to save your work and return to it at a later date...

Some projects:

01 Welcome to Scratch

02 Journey to Earth
Journey to Earth program

03 Whack a Bat
Whack a Bat program

04 The Bouncing Ball
The Bouncing Ball program

05 Table Tennis
Table Tennis (1 player) program
Table Tennis (2 player) program

06 Knock Down the Wall
Knock Down the Wall program

07 Space Invaders
Space Invaders program

08 Concentration
Concentration program

08 Drawing Patterns
Drawing Patterns program

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