Meetings Delayed

Area Meetings Delayed

Although no public announcement has yet been made, it appears that the proposed discussions on the future of Bristol Libraries have been deferred until at least December. In an email to Councillors on November 5th, the Project Manager said:

"As a result of the feedback we have decided to reschedule the meetings, including the launch event planned for today, and have taken time to review the approach. We now intend to extend the time of the sessions so that people have the opportunity to attend during the day or outside working hours. To achieve this, with the resources we have, we will host larger meetings covering multiple areas. Your feedback has also prompted us to consider how we run the sessions and how we connect this phase of engagement with previous work.  We will be talking to you before each event to ensure we have invited the right people and to give you the opportunity to help with the conversation.
We will provide more detail on how the areas are grouped, the dates engagement sessions will be held and the overall approach in December."

Watch this space for further developments (or lack of them)...

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