Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Library Closures

Library Reopening

Bristol Libraries have published an update on their plans to restart parts of the service. 
Full details can be accessed on the Council website:

In summary, you can visit Central Library from Monday, July 13th to return items borrowed from any branch and to use a "Call and Collect" service... 
  • You call Central Library on 0117 903 7250 to ask for up to 5 adult items, and up to 8 items for children or young people. If you don’t have a specific item in mind, you say what you like to read or watch, and they will suggest some items.
  • They find the items and put them in a washable, reusable bag.
  • When your items are ready to collect, they call you.
  • You can leave any items you don’t want to take home.
  • When you’ve finished with your items, return them in the same bag.

From Monday September 7th, you can visit to browse and borrow books and to use a pre-booked computer.

From Monday August 10th, you can visit Henbury, Fishponds and Stockwood libraries to return books, browse and borrow books and
use a pre-booked computer.

Contact Details and Opening Times:

Central Library
0117 903 7250
Monday to Saturday, 11am to 4pm

Henbury Library
0117 903 8522
Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat, 11am to 4pm

Fishponds Library
0117 903 8560
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri and Sat, 11am to 4pm

Stockwood Library
0117 9038546   
Monday to Saturday, 1pm to 4pm

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