Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Ideas for Westbury Library

Ideas for Westbury Library
Following the meetings earlier this year, a list of ideas is posted on the council website:

A summary of the main ideas is:
Library Service
Availability of Refreshments Vending Machine
Window Blinds Better Lighting
Flexible use of space Movable shelves / furniture
Space Dividers to reduce noise
Computer Scanner Laptop/Tablet Charging Points
Update computers etc Wireless printing for laptop / tablet
Increase Extended Access hours Open libraries on public holidays
Provide Community Information Answerphone message with opening times
Entrance area Notice Board  External notice boards and Signage
Better engagement with Friends Groups
Library Group Volunteers
After-school activities for 11-16 Access for Home Schooling
Childrens activities during holidays Coding Clubs
Homework Club
Basic computer courses IT Sessions
Weekend Craft Sessions Creative Writing Class
Knititng and Crochet Group Poetry Evenings
Develop Garden Area
Publicise events by email Publicise Libraries West
Use of Social Media Better promotion of events / developments
Building Works
Access to Kitchen Accessible Toilet
Extend building Change location

These have been considered by the library service and their responses should be available shortly. Some are already being addressed eg. Extended Access hours, changes to furniture

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